1. The Customer who signs down below hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2. The Customer engages WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD to install a solar system and the Customer Hereby agrees to pay WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD or this installation of a solar system according to the Payment Policy section of this agreement.

3. The Customer agrees upon signing this agreement to pay WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD a deposit of a sum as agreed on the day of signing this agreement. Failure to pay the deposit will render this agreement to be void unless authorised persons in Green Engineering consider otherwise. The amounts of deposit and outstanding balance are clearly stated in the Payment Policy section.

4. WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD agrees upon signing this agreement to commence the installation process as of the date of signing this agreement. The customer will be advised of an approximate time frame of the installation process. However, the time frame advised is only an estimate and does not mean a guarantee to the Customer.

5. The Customer agrees to pay WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD the balance as set out in the Payment Policy section on the date of completion of the solar system. The solar system will remain the property of WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD unless it is paid for in full. Green Engineering reserves the right to remove. solar panels inverters and other parts installed if the payment is failed to be received in the prescribed time frame.

6. The Customer by signing this agreement agrees that WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD may vary the use of solar system components as WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD find a fit and reasonable, including, but not limited to be, in situations which the prescribed components are discontinued or out of stock without an estimated and/or a reasonable date of arrival from suppliers.

7. WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement upon giving written notice to the Customer at least three (3) days before the date of installation. If this agreement is terminated by WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD, the Customer will be indemnified of any payments that have been made for the solar system.

8. The Customer acknowledges that after the completion of the installation of the solar system, WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD does not permit any subsequent changes, modification or reinstallation of the installed system.

Therefore, in consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged by the parties, the parties agree as follows:

The Customer agrees to pay WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD the basis of the charges with respect to the selected solar system installation: (specifications listed on the left column)
Meter box upgrades: The customer acknowledges that any electricity provider compulsory meter box upgrade required to the customer’s property is not included in this Agreement. The customer may choose to utilise the electrician providing the solar installation at extra cost for meter box upgrade or via the customer’s own resources. Any thing regarding about Smart Meter Installation & Smart Meter Programming required to customer’s property is not included in this agreement.

The Parties to this agreement acknowledge a complete and full understanding of the terms and conditions of the agreement: understand and agree that this agreement constitutes the entire contract between the parties and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements between them upon the subjects covered in the Agreement: and that there are no representations or warranties other than set forth herein.

Right To Terminate
Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained within this agreement, the Customer may terminate this agreement by delivering written notice of termination hereof to WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD so that it is received by WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD no later than Five (5)days after execution of this agreement. All payments made by the customer prior to the timely termination of this agreement shall become the property of WHOLESALE SOLAR PTY LTD and shall be applied to the customer’s account. The customer shall remain liable for the balance due, if any, which balance shall be due and payable following the customer’s termination of this agreement.

Moreover, the customer agrees that until the balance is paid in full, the account will continue to accrue late fees and interest to the full extent allowed by law, until the balance is paid in full.


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